Refund and return policy

Satisfaction guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that every item you purchase meets your high standards, and if it doesn’t, you can return it for a refund or replacement.

We work hard do ensure our products are of great quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied with what you purchased, let us know and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

We always look to get the best materials for our products, to ensure they will last long, and don’t deteriorate too easily. To ensure your bag will last long take in mind that over stuffing the bag, carrying too much weight (we suggest no more than 15 lbs) and rough treatment of the bag will lead to premature damage.

Please make sure to read the entire description of every item you purchase, and watch all photographs carefully, an item may not be exactly what you were looking for after reading the description.

We appreciate your feedback and we are always looking forward to improve.

Unsatisfied client

If you were not satisfied by the product you bought you can get a refund or exchange. All requests for returns or exchanges must be made within 45 days after your purchase was shipped.

The item you wish to return or exchange must be in “as new” condition. “As new” means unwashed, unworn and unmodified in any way, no signs of wear or damage.

Please send the item back to the address in the package (or contact us if you don’t have it), include a note saying you want a refund or exchange, and add what would you like to get in return. a refund will be given once the item has returned to us (it may take up to 4 weeks).

If you want a refund please note that in this case WE CANNOT REFUND YOU THE SHIPPING COSTS, only the value of the item(s) returned will be refunded to you.

IMPORTANT: please do not mail back any product that does not meet the return criteria listed above, if the item is not “as new” we will not issue a refund and we will not return the item to you.

We shipped a damaged item / wrong item

If your order arrives to you and you notice it’s damaged or it is not the correct item, please contact us immediately. We will require photographic evidence of the damaged/wrong item and then we will arrange shipping for a new item or, if you prefer, a refund.

I want to cancel my order

We can only cancel your order if it hasn’t shipped yet. Once your order was shipped you will have to follow the procedure above (unsatisfied client).

Contact us if you have any issue with your order

If you have any question please leave us a comment here


  • Hice un pedido hace más de un mes y no ha llegado, mandaron un correo diciendo que Guatemala estaba pasando por cambios en su sistema de correo , quiero saber si la situación se arreglo y si es así cuando llega mi pedido , y si no avisen porque pasa el tiempo y no tengo mi bolsa por el que ya pague , espero una respuesta, gracias.

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