Shipping Information

Please read this information before you make a purchase

We are located in Guatemala City, we ship from Guatemala to anywhere in the world.

Currently Guatemala’s postal service is not working, so we send the orders first to Miami and they they are shipped to each customer through USPS

  • To calculate shipping costs, please add the products you are interested in to your cart, go to your cart page and click on the option “calculate shipping”. Shipping costs will be calculated depending on the products on your cart and your location. You can add as many products to your cart and then delete them.


  • All of our products are made to order, and with the current situation with the postal service we can only ship orders every 3-4 weeks.
  • Orders may take up to 1 month to be shipped.

  • Once the order is shipped it takes 3-5 days to arrive to the US and 7-10 days to other countries.
  • All purchases include tracking, a tracking number will be provided to you when you receive a shipping notification from us.
  • Express shipping service is available, using either Fedex or DHL. Please take in mind that this services are very expensive, starting around $75.00 and up (for 1 lb), depending on your location. If you are interested in your purchase being shipped with one of these services please contact us before your purchase.


Tracking international deliveries may vary depending on each country’s postal service. we will provide all the information we have.

If you have any question please contact us here:


  • Hi, i bought to you a messenger bag there is 1 mouth now. I periodly tracked my package from your country but i do not find the package in my own. I was just ask to myself if the package was really sent to my country. It has been a long time now i am waiting for it.
    My tracking number is .
    Sorry for my english, i’m from Québec.
    Well, my question is, is that normal to take so much time to delivered until Canada ?
    I really like what you doing and i love my messenger bag even if i dont have it for the moment.
    friendly, Joelle

    • Hello,
      Your bag was shipped on January 8, it takes around 3 weeks for things to arrive after they have been shipped. I just checked the tracking number and it says the package arrived in Canada yesterday (Jan 27), which means it will arrive to you soon. You can check the tracking here:

      Let me know if I can help you with anything else 🙂

      (Also, I edited your comment and removed the tracking number from there, for your security it’s best not to have the tracking number in public since it can be used to see your home address)

  • I placed an order yesterday or so I thought I did, but did not get any confirmation or anything. Can you verify the order for me? If it did not go through, I will try again. Thank you!

  • Hey, I placed an order and it said it was just received today at your mailing facility. I’m having school soon, so I was wondering would it take under a month for the package to arrive?

  • Hello!
    I ordered a House Stark messenger bag about a week ago and I’m having some problems with the tracking.
    My order was #7880 and I can’t quite find my tracking number on the email I was sent that very same day. May it be my order number, or should I wait a little more until the bag is sent and reaches my country?
    Thanks beforehand 🙂

    • Hello
      Shipping takes around 3 weeks, so it would be a very tight time frame. We would ship it on Monday if you buy it today or tomorrow, so it would be exactly 3 weeks on the 27th. We can’t guarantee a 100% that it would arrive that day.

  • Hi, I noticed that before my item was shipped, it was going to an old address. I emailed you about it and asked you to send it to my new address but it has been shipped to the old one. The tracking information is not valid and I have no way to correct where it is going. Can you help? This is really annoying.

  • Hi,

    I ordered this product on October 16th and wanted to follow up with this order. I would really like this by Friday if at ALL possible. I was told 7-15 days for shipping and we are coming up on the end of this date range. I live in San Jose, CA. When I check it says that it is unable to track the package for Guatemala. Tracking number below.


    • Hello
      Since last week no longer shows information on international tracking numbers, but judging by the message you are getting We can assume the package is already in the US, so it should arrive with you in a couple of days.

  • I might just be blind, but can you tell me where I find my tracking number? I have received the email saying that my product has shipped, but the only number I can find is the receipt number.

  • Avatar

    Hi, I ordered an item from you in late December and got an e-mail on the 5th of January saying my order was complete but no tracking code. Was it ever shipped? My order number is 8235.

    • Hello
      Yes your order was placed, your case was shipped this afternoon.
      You didn’t receive any mails from us? please check your spam folder, if not then I will send you another mail with the info.

  • Hello, I purchased a couple of things from your website. I’m not sure if it’s still processing or if it already shipped? I also wanted to ask of it takes 7-15 days to get here after it ships or 7-15 days for the order to be processed? Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions 🙂

    • Hello
      It takes us a week to complete the orders and 7-15 for them to arrive after we put them in the mail.
      I was going to write to you, you didn’t choose a size for your eeveevolutions case. The other 2 are ready, just need to finish the eeveevolutions one once you confirm the size.

  • When will you have a system that delivers people’s orders by air? So far I did my research and it’s much faster, but I understand if it’s not a possible option.

    • Hello
      By air it’s much faster but a lot more expensive, it can cost from $75 for a pound, with small companies that make shipments. DHL can cost $90 for one pound.

  • Hello, on May 27th I made an order (#8550) and I have received an email from you on June 3rd with shipping info, but I still haven’t received anything. Based on your experience, and provided that I live in Italy, is there still a chance that I might receive it in the next 2 weeks? It was supposed to be a present and after a month I’m running out of time. Thank you.

    • Hello
      Shipping takes 3-4 weeks usually to European countries, I’ve only shipped to Italy a couple of times before but I didn’t get any comment from the customers so I don’t really know how long it took for the order to arrive, I would say it should arrive within 2 weeks

  • So I ordered a pokemon backpack about 13 days ago and i understand it can take some time however it was a shipment to Tennessee. So the United States. However when i went to track my shipment it said the destination was from to Guatemala to Canada for some reason. I noticed a week ago but thought maybe it was some process it had to go through. However, i am kinda worried about it now. Any answers to my predicament?

  • Hi, I ordered an embroidered Eeveeloution bag (Order #8689) on July 18th and haven’t gotten a tracking number yet. I checked out as a guest and worried that had something to do with it. Everything on the receipt is correct. I was wondering if I could know if it’s been shipped yet.

    • Hello
      I apologize, your order was shipped today; we are getting a lot of orders and we are doing our best to take out everything on time but we are getting delayed, again I apologize.

  • Hello, I ordered a Poke items 3ds xl case on July 8th. When I checked the tracking it said it was shipped July 18th. It shows that it is still sitting at the agency. Is there a problem with the shipping or is the website just not updating where it is at? Thank you.

  • Hi, I ordered an eeveevolution friendship necklace the 31/7 and its currently on processing status, Im from Spain and I was wondering if it will be received before September because its a present for a friend that leaves the country the first of September.

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