About us

Hello,  my name is Doug.


BlueRobotto is a project I’ve been working on for the past 3 years,  I started making stuff to sell at conventions here in Guatemala and after a while I began to sell online.  At first it was only me, but now my mom and dad help with the production of some items.

BlueRobotto sells products designed and manufactured by us, inspired in Anime, video games, books, movies, comic books and internet shenanigans; we try to bring something new and exciting for the geek comunity.

We are always working on new ideas and projects, and we appreciate your point of view.  Let us know of any idea you would like to see turn into a cool product.

Leave a comment below with suggestions for new products and your thoughts on our new website 🙂

Working on new things

If you have any question please leave us a message